KFX Tournament - Europe - 2023 Q3


It's time to see who is the most evil!

We're organizing a tournament to see who is the best Keeper in the dungeons of Europe.

We will fight in rounds until there is only 1 Keeper left. A mappool has been chosen which should provide the best possible MP experience. And a few small rules have been created to make sure everybody can enjoy a true Dungeon Keeper experience.

There will be no prize, except for the sweet tears of your opponents.

Signups will end September 4th 2023. (Or September 11th 2023 if we don't have many signups). After the signup period ends, we will provide a 1-week duration for each round.

Find more information on the Keeper Klan forum thread: https://keeperklan.com/threads/7484-Summer-Tournament-EUW-2023

- KeeperFX Team