New workshop update and Lubiki migration

The workshop gets another big update!

  • You can now search for workshop items.
  • You can now browse by category.
  • There's now an image widget which makes uploading and managing images a lot easier.
  • Workshop items are now automatically accepted. They also get scanned for malware now.
  • You can now select 'Latest KeeperFX alpha patch' as the minimum game build. When a new stable version is released it will get updated with the new stable version.
  • There's now support for multiple files. After uploading a workshop item you'll have the ability to add and manage multiple files.
  • The comments are now displayed from new-to-old instead of old-to-new. This should improve community interaction. (Email notifications are coming in the future)
  • The markdown formatting is improved. Some workshop items will have to have their description updated but this change was inevitable.
  • The layout has been slightly changed to make it easier to read, as well as be more obvious what's clickable and what not.
  • You can now delete your own workshop items.
  • Normal free-play maps now have a "map number" field that must be filled in. This is so there are far less conflicts between downloads.
  • It's now possible to enable and disable difficulty ratings for your uploads. Some content does not really have a difficulty. (Example: Simple Multiplayer maps)
  • You can now remove your own ratings. (Hover over your rating if you wish to do so.)
  • Lots of other small changes and fixes.

On another note, we have added all maps hosted on Lubiki to the KeeperFX.net workshop. This will make it so we can easily rate and discuss existing Dungeon Keeper content!

If you want to claim ownership of the new content or want to have it removed, feel free to contact us on the Keeper Klan Discord or contact Yani or YourMaster on the Keeper Klan Forums. (We don't have a better way to contact us yet, sorry!)


- KeeperFX Team